NFL players and doctors played a game and took a hospital’s robotic surgery program to No. 1

Bellin Health’s robotic surgery program became No. 1 in Green Bay following the strategic program that I created.

That program generated significant revenue for the hospital with a high ROI, a 4,700% increase in Facebook likes and a 42% increase in visits to Click-through rates for digital ads were 200% higher than the national average.

Those awesome results happened because of a creative idea I had: NFL football receivers and robotic surgeons have great hands.

Fans visited Lambeau Field to watch the entertaining “Best Hands in Green Bay” reality show-style competition I created between Bellin surgeons and Green Bay Packers’ receivers Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and James Jones.

They used a surgical robot to play the game “Operation,” tie laces on a pair of football cleats, and peel a grape. Check out the highlight video.

We ramped up the excitement a couple of months before the competition. Consumers voted on Facebook for the players and doctors they thought would win. They received Packers gear and football tickets along the way.

My creative thinking generated a lot of money for Bellin Health.

I’ll bring those kind of results to your brand.