LouAna Peanut Oil Campaigns

LouAna Peanut Oil

LouAna is the No. 1 peanut oil brand in the U.S. It’s sold in most major grocery stores, including Amazon, H.E.B., Kroger, Publix and Target, as well as Academy Sports and Ace Hardware.

LouAna Peanut Oil Turkey Frying Campaigns

The national PR campaigns that I developed for turkey frying with LouAna Peanut Oil extended the sales season from one month to five months, and helped increase revenue for the brand despite dramatically increased competition.

I aligned turkey frying with the college and NFL football season. The message: peanut oil not only makes great-tasting fried turkey without being greasy, it’s also safer to use compared to other cooking oils.

We created an experiential media tour and generated media coverage for the LouAna brand on NBC’s “Today,” “FOX & Friends,” ESPN Radio, the History Channel and in local media across the country.