Kirkland’s store sales increased as much as 100%

Kirkland’s asked for my help as they moved stores out of massive shopping malls and into strip malls and lifestyle centers.

I created the strategic program to open 45 new Kirkland’s stores annually. The results were incredible. Store sales increased as much as 100%.

How did I do that? By improving the store experience. We positioned local interior designers in each store to solve consumer’s home decor challenges.

Using local media, we asked consumers to stop by the store and show the interior designer photos of the home decor problems they were trying to solve.

The designer showed shoppers the merchandise they could purchase to make their home beautiful.

The strategy was simple: Personalize the shopping experience and solve the consumer’s problem.

Shoppers rewarded Kirkland’s with their hard-earned money.

Getting back to basics can make a huge improvement to your bottom line.