I made cooking oil fun and the client cashed in

Celebrity chefs popularized deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving. But my national strategic programs for turkey frying with LouAna Peanut Oil dramatically increased revenue for my client by increasing the sales season from just a few weeks in November to the entire college and NFL football season.

The message: Guys could cook and eat a fried turkey while watching the big game on TV.

You’ve got to admit, it’s fun to watch someone lower a turkey into a vat of hot cooking oil. It’s much more entertaining than grilling hamburgers and we always demonstrated how to do it safely.

We took our Cajun chef and football super fan to dozens of cities across the country that had a strong college or NFL fan base. We booked him on top-rated local TV shows a few days before the big game.

We also generated media coverage for the LouAna brand on NBC’s “Today,” “FOX & Friends,” ESPN Radio, the History Channel and in other local media across the country.

My strategic programs are all about creating new ideas to sell old or new products.

My programs work and will generate sales increases for your brand.