How influencers made JAWS a hot seller

I was a member of the original team that launched JAWS cleaners and helped make it a hot seller through the use of influencers.

JAWS cleaners are non-toxic and incredibly effective. The bottles are reusable and that reduces plastic waste. Your first spray bottle is empty. You simply add water and a cleaning pod and you’re ready. You only need to buy the cleaning pods after that and you keep reusing the bottle.

In fact, JAWS estimates it saved 40 million plastic bottles from landfills.

My strategic program focused on mom influencers across the country. They tested and wrote about the product and gave it credibility. My team and I also generated media coverage in Good Housekeeping, on Gary Sullivan’s nationally–syndicated radio show and in local media across the country. All that generated sales.

My strategic program not only allowed a startup to survive in a highly competitive marketplace — it thrived.

I can help launch your brand and make it a long-term success.