Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care Campaigns

Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Brand

I helped launch Bayer Advanced, which was owned by Bayer, and helped it become one of the largest lawn and garden brands in the United States.

I created the strategy and led the account for the digital, social media and PR components of the brand.

I created annual programs that helped take Bayer Advanced, and Bayer Advanced Natria for organic gardening, from obscurity to one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry.

I helped lead Bayer Advanced All-in-One Rose & Flower Care and Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed to No. 1 market share.

We generated media coverage for the Bayer Advanced brand on ABC, FOX News, HGTV, NBC’s “Today,” The Wall Street Journal and in local media throughout the country, by showing consumers how to create beautiful lawns and gardens and grow delicious vegetables.

We Helped Take Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care  to No.1. 

Our Strategy

One of the biggest TV events in the U.S. is the Rose Parade. I created the storylines, led the development of award-winning float designs and managed the PR, digital and social media campaigns for Bayer Advanced in the Rose Parade and Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care for 12 years.

Our message: Growing beautiful roses is easier than you think with Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care. The product provides fertilizer, insect and disease control.

One campaign included placing a rose grown with Bayer Advanced rose care products on NASA’s last space shuttle mission. The rose was featured on a Bayer Advanced Rose Parade float. We generated massive national and local media coverage for the brand.

We followed that up with an even more successful campaign that told the story of two brothers who spent their weekends in the family garden and thought about their future.

One brother imagined going to space and achieved the ultimate dream of becoming a NASA astronaut. The other brother imagined working with flowers and plants. Now he’s a horticulturist, owns a 17-acre citrus ranch, and is a best-selling author on gardening and rose care. They rode the Bayer Advanced “Garden of Imagination” float in the Rose Parade. We told their story through local and national media in the weeks leading up to the parade and on January 1.

We followed up our Rose Parade campaigns by generating national and local stories across the country on how to grow beautiful roses in your own backyard.

The result: Massive national and local media coverage and increased sales for Bayer Advanced rose care products.

Space shuttle photo courtesy NASA