created and led the national crisis management and litigation PR campaign for Airborne dietary supplements after the founders of the company made unsubstantiated claims about them.

We launched a campaign that promoted new labeling and established more transparency under new management and ownership — the Summit Partners private equity firm.

The program enhanced the company’s reputation and valuation before it was sold.

AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company manufactures ductile iron pipe, spiral-welded steel pipe, fire hydrants and valves for the waterworks industry. The company also makes electric-resistance-welded steel pipe for the oil and gas industry.

ACIPCO actually gained customers after I  led crisis management for the replacement of valves on thousands of fire hydrants across the country.

The valves had to be replaced due to a faulty lubricant made by Chevron.

We established a replacement system, digital ordering and a hotline for municipalities across the country.

There was no media coverage. In fact, CNN chose not to do a story about the recall due to the effectiveness of the crisis management program.

Dean’s Dairy Dip is sold in major grocery stores across the country.

I spearheaded the crisis response for the voluntary recall of seven Dean’s Dairy Dip products. Ventura Foods, the manufacturer, ordered the recall, following my recommendation, because a flavor enhancer might have been contaminated with salmonella.

Fortunately, no salmonella was discovered in Dean’s Dairy Dip products. Both the client and the FDA commended us for our work. Sales took a slight dip, then increased.