I help companies make money.

I’m a brand innovation advisor. I advise CEO’s of startups to $59 billion companies. I’ve successfully launched several new brands, including one that reached $268 million in annual sales. I’ve launched more than 100 consumer products and 200 new stores. Client sales increase 5% to 100%. Best ROI: 40x.

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Brand Innovation Advisor

I solve business problems. I help companies make money and save money. I advise CEO’s and other executives of startups to $59 billion brands on product innovation, business and market development, strategic planning and protecting and future-proofing businesses. I conduct brand and competitor analysis, examine the customer journey, identify the best marketing and distribution channels, develop the unique selling proposition and guarantee, the brand story and improve the overall brand.


Brand innovation, business development, consumer product development, SaaS development, strategic planning, future-proofing businesses, brand storytelling, customer journey mapping, improving the customer experience, marketing, investor relations, public relations, crisis prevention and response, issues management, implementing responsible artificial intelligence into business, digital and social media, internal and external communications.

What They’re Saying

“Brian Pia was extremely valuable as he was able to diagnose my problem and then provided immediate viable solutions I am able to utilize to take our company to the next level of success. I appreciate his expertise and ability to effectively communicate the actions to take within doable timeframes. My team and I are grateful for the guidance Brian delivered, which significantly saved us large amounts of time and money. Brian provided us with an outstanding ROI helping us solve a problem and grow our business.”

Dave Smith
CEO & Founder of SAFESteps

“I chose Brian Pia as an advisor because he had a wide range of experiences in industry and had experience with product launches. I was not mistaken. He gave sure guidance regarding intellectual property issues and a definite path forward. I am grateful for his assistance.

Thelma Liverpool
President & CEO of Thanni Holding Corporation

“You rock!”

Will Cohen
Founder of Topcorp

“Thank you for your consistently thorough advice and insight!”

Kene Onuorah
Founder of Comme Homme

“Great feedback on how to make the presentation more impactful, by underlining the problem we’re solving, before getting into product features and capabilities.”

Yalim Eristiren
Chief Revenue Officer of Ant Media

Brand Successes

Helping a startup become a $268 million brand

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Kirkland’s store sales increased as much as 100%

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