I help build successful brands. Advise CEO's of startups to $59 billion companies. Launched more than 100 consumer products and 200 new stores. Client sales increase: 5% to 100%.


Advise CEO’s of global startups and established companies on creating and marketing innovative brands. Conduct competitive brand analysis. Analyze market opportunities and customer data to develop a deep understanding of target customers, segments and journey. Develop the brand story, messaging, strategy and tactics for internal and external communications. Lead execution of programs.


I’m developing a tech division that will innovate brands through responsible artificial intelligence, AR, VR, IoT and marketing technology to generate a significant ROI for clients.

I’m also creating an AI-powered SaaS system that personalizes and quickens the retail shopping and delivery process and increases sales and profits. Going through the patent process.


Advertising, brand storytelling, business turnaround, consumer insights, content creation and marketing, corporate communications, crisis prevention and response, customer segmentation, journey and experience mapping, culture transformation, digital and social media, influencer marketing, product development, public relations, responsible artificial intelligence, revenue development, and strategic planning.



This is the ultimate challenger brand story. Little Debbie is the No. 1 snack cake in America. But, the No. 1 chocolate cupcake brand was Hostess. Little Debbie went to work to take on the competition. Their baking chefs tried 300 different recipes before deciding on the best combination of ingredients. They not only created a chocolate cupcake that looked just like Hostess, they created a cupcake that tasted dramatically better. Then, they turned to us to create a campaign that became the most successful product launch in the history of the Little Debbie brand.  

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I started working for Bayer’s startup lawn and garden brand before it had a name or products. They put up a sign in Bayer’s office that said, “Great ideas without execution equals zero.” That became the driving force behind a massive product launch. The Bayer scientists came up with Bayer Advanced All-In-One Rose & Flower Care. It was the only product that combined fertilizer, insect and disease control in one bottle. Your roses and flowers would be healthier and look absolutely beautiful. Check out what I came up with to launch this new product. Remember, it’s all in the execution. 

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Bellin Health is a top hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Bellin is also the official healthcare sponsor of the Green Bay Packers. The chief marketing officer asked us to come up with a plan for their robotic surgery program. The problem: Other hospitals provided robotic surgery, too. I learned it’s not about the surgical robot. It’s about the doctor’s hands — and Bellin’s robotic surgeons generated excellent results for their patients. The Green Bay Packers’ receivers had great hands, too — among the best in the NFL. Watch what happened when I combined the two.

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Kirkland’s decided to move many of their stores out of dying enclosed malls into strip malls and lifestyle centers where consumers are more likely to shop. The marketing director asked me to come up with a plan to introduce their new stores to the community and generate sales in dozens of local markets each year. I came up with a program that solved consumers’ home decor challenges, and generated record sales.

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