I help build successful brands. Advise CEO's of startups to $59 billion companies. Launched more than 100 consumer products and 200 new stores. Client sales increase: 5% to 100%.

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Advise companies on brand innovation, business/market development and strategic planning. Conduct internal and competitive brand analysis, analyze the customer journey and improve your products and services. Develop the brand story, messaging, strategy and tactics for internal and external communications via digital, social media, public relations and advertising. 


I’m developing a tech division that will innovate brands through responsible artificial intelligence, AR, VR, IoT and marketing technology to generate a significant ROI for clients. I’m also creating an AI-powered SaaS system that personalizes and quickens the retail shopping and delivery process and increases sales and profits. Going through the patent process.


Advertising, brand storytelling, business turnaround, consumer insights, content creation and marketing, corporate communications, crisis prevention and response, customer segmentation, journey and experience mapping, culture transformation, digital and social media, influencer marketing, product development, PR, responsible artificial intelligence, revenue development, and strategic planning.