Nearly 1,000 students protest Univ. of Michigan’s screw-up over concussed QB (Video)

Nearly 1,000 University of Michigan students converged on the university president’s home to call for the firing of the athletic director Dave Brandon and head football coach Brady Hoke, after they allowed quarterback Shane Morris to continue to play last Saturday despite showing symptoms of a concussion.

Students shouted chants of “Down with Dave,” “Fire Brandon” and “Hire Harbaugh,” according to, after Brandon released a statement apologizing for making mistakes dealing with Morris’ head injury during Saturday’s 30-14 loss to the Minnesota Golden Gophers in Ann Arbor.

“I’m not working for this guy,” said Alton McCoy who is quitting his job this week with the University of Michigan’s event staff. “I can’t work for a guy who can’t take responsibility for a player who gets a concussion on the field. It’s a buildup of things, but the athletic department and Michigan football is digressing every year, it seems.”

“If he (Hoke) was wearing a headset like any other coach in America, he would’ve gotten word from a coach who did see Shane get hit and he would’ve pulled him out, but that didn’t happen,” said Cory Gordinier a recent graduate who attended the protest.

In a statement released around 1:00 am Tuesday, Brandon said a “serious lack of communication” on the Michigan sideline Saturday allowed Morris to return to the field after showing symptoms of a concussion.

Check out the video and you can see just how bad a decision it was to keep the injured Morris in the game.

Thousands of students, faculty and staff have signed a petition calling for Brandon’s ouster in the wake of Saturday’s very risky, and very stupid decision.

Photo via Twitter/Ace Anbender


September 30th, 2014|CFB, Former Contributor|