Eric Decker got defensive over his wife’s “unfiltered” Instagram post

New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker got defensive over his wife’s recent Instagram post that defended his decision to sign with the Jets this season.

His wife, sexy country music star Jessie James Decker, defended Eric’s decision on Instagram in a post that’s been deleted — and that sparked a locker room media frenzy with reporters.

“She’s obviously unfiltered, which is comical,” Decker via “But at the same time, it comes around. She wasn’t obviously attacking anyone. I think it’s just the overall reception of people (thinking) why we came here. If we were 9-2, 9-3, this conversation wouldn’t be happening.”

Decker signed a five-year, $36.25 million deal with the Jets this year after playing four seasons with the Denver Broncos. The Jets are 2-10. The Broncos are 9-3 and in first place in the AFC Western Division.

Last Tuesday, former Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards took a shot at Eric Decker.

“At the end of the day, in his situation he chose to go for the money as opposed to a contender,” Edwards said on a local TV show via the New York Daily News. “He’s getting his money’s worth.”

That prompted Jessie James Decker to post this comment on Instagram:

“So, for all the people that have accused Eric of choosing money, you don’t know anything,” she said in a deleted post via “He was never asked, called, or offered anything from the Broncos! But we couldn’t be happier to be in NJ and NYC. God has a plan for everything :))”

Decker said that he and his wife have discussed her tendency to sound off on Twitter and Instagram.

“She has a big heart and is somewhat very protective of her husband, and that’s something personally that we’ve discussed,” Decker said. “I’d rather be talking about our game plan for the Vikings, than (something) in response to a tweet or something.”

Jessie James Decker is definitely unfiltered. She and Eric are on a reality show where she definitely lets it all hang out.

But it’s her social media posts that get Eric a little riled up.

“It’s something I don’t want to be standing and answering (for) every time I’m at my locker,” Decker said. “But I do love that she speaks her mind, and it says a lot. It’s just the circumstances, we’ll talk about that.

The Jets play the Minnesota Vikings (5-7) on Sunday. Decker leads the Jets with 49 receptions for 531 yards and four touchdowns.

But with the Jets in fourth place in the AFC Eastern Division, it’s a lot more interesting to talk about his “unfiltered” wife.

Photo via Facebook/Jessie James Decker