Eli Manning rips Tiki Barber

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning fired back at former teammate Tiki Barber, who said this should be head coach Tom Coughlin’s least season.

“That’s nice of him,” Manning said sarcastically via the New York Post. “It’s good to hear from ol’ Tiki.”

Manning doesn’t hold Barber in high regard.

“I think it depends on kind of what your opinion is of who’s saying it,’’ Manning said. “That can make a bigger difference in how you react to it.’’

The New York Giants are struggling this season. They’re 3-7 and riding a five-game losing streak.

When you lose in New York, you’ve got hell to pay. The media, fans and former teammates, like Barber, pile on.

“It’s not, ‘Ah, f–k Tom Coughlin, fire him!’ That’s not what I’m saying,’’ Barber told The Post. “I said the Giants need to think about making a change. It’s starting to not go according to plan. It’s delicate with Tom because he’s a Hall of Fame coach. But at some point, it’s time.

Barber played for the Giants from 1997 to 2006. Coughlin coached him for two of those years.

Barber is now co-host of a CBS Radio sports talk show.

Manning defends Coughlin, who is now presiding over two bad seasons. (The Giants were 7-9 in 2013.)

But let’s not forget that Coughlin led the Giants to two Super Bowl victories since he joined the team in 2004.

“Coach is doing a great job,’’ Manning said. “He gets us ready and we just got to perform better. It’s not a lack of effort. Guys are practicing hard. Guys want to do well. Guys are into it, and in tune, and excited about the week.”

The Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys (7-3) Sunday night.

Feature photo via Facebook/New York Giants

Inset photo via Twitter/Tiki Barber