Alex Morgan: FIFA is using women like “guinea pigs”

Soccer star Alex Morgan said that FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, is using women like “guinea pigs,” by making them play their World Cup soccer matches in Canada next summer on artificial turf.

The men will play their next two World Cup tournaments on grass — and that makes Morgan furious.

“They are treating us as second class to the men,” Morgan told TMZ Sports. “Using the women as guinea pigs, in their experiment, is just not right.”

Morgan has helped organize a group of 40 women soccer players for the turf battle.

They’ve hired a law firm to get FIFA to reconsider its stance because they say artificial turf increases the risk of injury and decreases the quality of play.

The soccer players have laid out their case and they’re waiting for a response from FIFA.

“The ball is in their pitch,” said Hampton Dellinger, the lead attorney for the soccer players.

At this point, there are no plans to boycott.

Feature photo via Facebook/Alex Morgan Soccer