I’m a successful entrepreneur, investor, and the founder and CEO of Trouncem — a marketing technology company for challenger brands. The company is in development. Scheduled launch: 2020. It’ll be amazing.

I have more than 24 years’ experience promoting and protecting startups to $59 billion consumer and B2B brands.

I’ve worked on behalf of more than 30 brands in apparel, consumer packaged goods, health, retail and tourism.

I’ve helped startups gain retail distribution, launched more than 100 consumer products, and helped many of them achieve No. 1 market share.

I’ve helped brands move into new categories and knock off their biggest competitor.

More importantly, my clients achieved massive sales growth with a high return on investment.

The case studies and revenue results listed on this website are the result of strategic communications programs that I’ve created and led.

During my career, I ran the national PR operations of two advertising agencies and helped lead them from startups to national rankings. I also served as the executive vice president of a national healthcare ad agency.

I founded a successful digital company and created digital news content for FOX Sports, MSN, Yardbarker and Bleacher Report. 

I earned my M.S. in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where I graduated with the highest honors.

I earned my B.A. in speech communications from the University of Maryland.